Mechanism of Action

Dry ice particles are used as a blasting medium when washing with dry ice. These particles are accelerated to an incredibly high speed by compressed air and then sprayed onto the target to be cleaned through a nozzle using our dry ice blasting machine.

This results in three effects that, when combined, allow for an optimal cleaning process:

The kinetic effect, which occurs when dry ice particles are accelerated to a high speed.

The thermal effect: as dry ice particles collide with the dirt layer at -78.5° C, they cool it down quickly, causing it to contract and crack. The compound between the surface and the contaminant loosens due to the different coefficients of thermal expansion.

Sublimation: on collision, the carbon dioxide immediately transforms from a solid to a gaseous state, expanding 700 times its original volume instantly. The contaminant is essentially “blasted off” the surface by this extension. As a consequence, at the end of the cleaning process, only the dissolved dirt particles remain, which can be easily disposed of.

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