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Oil and Gas

By removing oil, bitumen, failed coatings, rust, soluble salts, and chloride, dry ice blasting will help preserve your oil and gas equipment. It is used to clean operating facilities and hard-to-reach areas while eliminating disassembly.

Automotive Industry

Permanent core moulds, such as wall, bench, tyre, and gasket moulds, can be cleaned with dry ice blasting. At operating temperatures, dry ice cleaning can be performed. There is no need to cool the mould or remove it. Dry ice prevents mould wear due to its non-abrasive properties.

Tyre Industry

The accumulation of waste and mold release agents in the final product can lead to flaws and defects. It's easier to keep component tolerances and reduce scrap with dry ice blasting. Mold pollution has an effect on product quality and production.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Dry ice cleaning is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry due to it being a completely dry operation. Bacteria can grow in water-based cleaning solutions, posing a health risk. Dry ice is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, bactericidal and fungicidal, FDA approved medium that is optimum in the pharmaceutical sector.

Food and Beverage

The accumulation of different contaminants like grease, biofilms, adhesives, bacteria etc. in food processing and packaging equipment is a major issue. Cleaning using dry ice ensures proper and safe cleaning of equipment without any damage or use of water and harmful chemicals.

Power generation

Cleaning power generation equipment using dry ice blasting technology is non-abrasive and non-conductive. You can clean in-place with this simple and environmentally friendly process. There is little or no disassembly and no need to cool down the equipment while using this cleaning process.

Mold Cleaning

Prolong the life of manufacturing equipment, significantly increase product quality, and reduce production down-time and scrap by implementing dry ice cleaning.

Restoration and Remediation

Soot, odours, and other traces left behind by fire and smoke can be effectively removed with dry ice blasting. Mold spores can be removed completely with this cleaning process. Dry ice is a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and mould and bacteria-inhibiting medium that has been approved by the EPA, USDA, and FDA.

Printing / Press Machine Cleaning

Efficient cleaning with less down-time and scrap.

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