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DIFCO2 (SAE) was founded in 1997, and our growth and success during this time is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our dynamic team. We were the first company in Egypt to start manufacturing and distribution of dry ice to the market, along with dry ice blasting services, and quickly realized that our customers needed more than just a supplier of dry ice. As a result, we have become intensely service oriented and proud of our satisfied customer base.

We have the three main parameters of such industry, basically the Dry Ice production facilities, service through dry ice blasting groups along with the dry ice blasting machines and the technical “know-how” which supports our leadership for the total solutions application.

DIFCO2 Mission

“To creatively and in an innovative manner, pioneer and apply new technologies which make a positive contribution to the society we live in.”

DIFCO2 Vision

Our vision is to be the most versatile integrated dry ice producer along with implementing dry ice blasting services into the core maintenance programs of different industries.

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International Dry Ice Company (DIFCO2) 12, Botrous Ghaly St., Roxy, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

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Intrinsically incubate intuitive opportunities and real-time potentialities. Appropriately communicate one-to-one technology after plug-and-play networks.

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Dramatically disseminate standardized metrics after resource-leveling processes. Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change for services.


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There’s always room for improvement in our business, Difco2 really help us with it.

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